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Best Buy Exclusive S5 Blu-Ray with Bonus Disk and Variant Cover

Hey All,
Today as most of you know the LOST Season 5 DVD set was released in the US and I am sure many of you were busy away looking for easter eggs and begun your re-watches!

Well I went to Best Buy (no I did not pre-order the set) hoping I would find an exclusive bonus set and lucky me there were only 3 of the Exclusive Best Buy Blu-Ray sets left!!

What is cool that there is a bonus disk and also I am loving the new artwork!! It is completely different than the other sets or artwork we have seen.

Here are a couple of pictures and as soon as I watch the bonus disk I will let you all know what I see!

If you click to enlarge you will see the front has a time portal looking image and the Lampost Hatch Logo!