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GIVEAWAY: Three Ways to Win Vozzek's New Book (ENDED)

UPDATE: 12AM 1/30 Here are the three lucky winners! Congratulations to all three, please email me at mrtheodi@gmail.com for more details.

1) Twitter Winner: @MsFlipper (Lisa)
2) Facebook Winner: Debby Branham
3) Comment Winner: ShameAboutRay who had the comment below:

Lost has helped me get through 6 of the toughest years of my life. In many ways my journey has mirrored what the survivors of 815 have endured on the island. Although my island was an illness that felt at times like a gargantuan smoke monster bearing down on me, I have been able to fight it off and am a survivor. I can not explain to anyone how comforting watching LOST has been to me, being stuck in my own polar bear cage separated from everyone else. Oddly enough I never thought I would ever consider a TV show comforting but there you have it Brotha. I can tell you as a person of science, I honestly have found some faith, and it wasn't wasy.

NOTE: User Dylanparran has a very cool comment and if true and if they can produce a picture then Vozzek said they will be a BONUS WINNER for really having this setup.

Okay, this might be really bad, I don't know - But, I'm 16 and live with my parents, and I've turned the attack in the house into the computer room from the Swan station! My folks don't even know! Every time they go out, I work on it a little more. All I need now is some cupboards for the machines and a computer keyboard with the words "Execute" written on it.

I have everything! A computer with desk, replica of the original and the roof tiles, everything!

UPDATE: 5PM PST The Giveaway is now closed and we will announce the winners soon!

UPDATE: Since site was down this morning for a couple of hours I have decided to extend the deadline until 2PM PST TODAY - Enter Now!

Hey All,
So far we have given away the Season 5 DVD Set, Official LOST Season 6 Pin, and a LOST T-Shirt via CafePress!

Today's giveaway is for the book written by fellow ODI podcaster and LOST Recapper (at DarkUFO) Vozzek!

For those that still do not know, over the hiatus Vozzek decided to finally put all his thoughts and theories and what he felt would happen in Season 6 into a book called Things You Never Noticed About LOST.

Some of you might have already bought it or even won one in the several other giveaways from various other sites. It is a very cool book and Vozzek informed us that his first print run is almost gone and that a second print run has already been ordered!

So today's giveaway is for an AUTOGRAPHED and personalized version of Vozzek's book Things You Never Noticed About LOST. The cool thing is Vozzek is allowing us to giveaway THREE books, so that means you have three chances to win!

Below are the three ways you can enter and you can enter one way, two out of the three or ALL three!

If you are curious about the book you can see more info here:


Three Ways to Enter for a Chance to Win Vozzek's New Book

1) Follow both @Vozzek (http://twitter.com/Vozzek) and @TheODI (http://twitter.com/TheODI) on Twitter and Tweet the following line:

I am following @Vozzek and @TheODI to win the book Things You Never Noticed About #LOST Details here http://twurl.nl/dl0vju #TheODI

NOTE: One entry per Twitter ID and you must follow both accounts.

2) Check out the new ODI Facebook fan page, become a fan and make a wall post.

NOTE: You can follow the fan page via the widget in the right side bar of the following link: The ODI Facebook Fanpage

3) Leave a comment below telling us in 108 words or less why you are a superfan of LOST

So it is that simple! You can enter via doing either one of the above, two of the above or all three for a total three entries!

Giveaway ends Friday January 29th at 12PM PST
Good luck and Namaste.