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Karen Makes Local Hawaii Newspaper!

Hey All,
Of course for some reason if you do not know by now, ABC held a special LOST Season 6 Premiere Red Carpet party on the beach in Hawaii yesterday. The event was called Sunset on the Beach and several fans from ALL across the world including fellow bloggers, friends and podcast partner Karen made the trip!

Well Karen gave me a call about an hour ago to let me know that she is having a great time and wanted to say hi to all of you out there. She also mentioned that she made the local Hawaii Paper the Star Bulletin and I just looked it up.

Here is the portion where Karen is mentioned:

As fans screamed to Michael Emerson, "We know you're a good guy! You're amazing!" he, too, acknowledged them from the red carpet, generating a new rush of noise. "They're amped up!" said the actor who plays Ben Linus.

At an event that both greeted the sixth and final season of "Lost" and bid farewell to the ensemble cast that will never walk a red carpet over Waikiki sand again, fans appeared in droves to express their appreciation, catch a glimpse of their favorite stars and watch the first hour of a two-hour season premiere scheduled to air Tuesday night on ABC.

An estimated 15,000 people, sometimes five deep with hands extended into the air clutching phones, cameras and other recording devices, gathered around the metal barriers at last night's Sunset on the Beach "Lost" premiere. It was such an impressive showing that even creator and executive producer/writer Carlton Cuse paused on the red carpet to take photos of the wildly enthusiastic fans with his own camera.

Karen Mauro and her husband Cris, wearing a Dharma Initiative T-shirt, flew in from Florida for the premiere. Karen "explores potential clues ... and hopefully gives people another way of looking at things" in her "Lost" blog that she said has thousands of followers. The Hawaii event gave her the opportunity to finally meet some of the people with whom she's been communicating online for five years.

Donna Moyle won ABC's sweepstakes competition and traveled from Portland, where she stood near the red carpet wearing a pink WWLD (What Would Locke Do?) T-shirt. Introduced to the series in March, she's since watched every episode on DVD.

It was clear that the event was meaningful to the stars, as well.

Full Article Here: Star Bulletin