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LOST Season 6 Premiere Meetup and Party in LA!

Hey All,
That is right! A LOST Season 6 Premiere Party in LA!

So if you happen to be a Lostie in the LA area and can't make it to the big premiere party in Oahu. Well how about a smaller setting here in LA??

The good folks at the Coffee Table Lounge and Bar (in Eagle Rock) are hosting a Season 6 Premiere Party and Meetup and will be showing the Season 6 Premiere on the three big screens at their place.

This meet up is open to everyone 21 and over, but they have very limited space so you need to RSVP for the event sooner than later!

Thanks to ODI and DarkUFO reader Jim Hughes for informing us about this event.

Here is a link to the page where you can RSVP:


Here is a link to Coffee Table Bistro for more info about the location: