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Episode 6x01-02 -- LA X-Offender - Recap by Anna

Episode 6x01-02 -- LA X-Offender - Recap by Anna

INTRO: Desire Brings Me Back

Well knock me sideways and dip me in brown water, if that wasn’t the LONGEST hiatus EVER! The latest installment of LOST was not only more than well worth the wait, but it also carried with it a different, heavier feeling than any other that preceded it. There is a deep, bittersweet sentiment in the air for me at least, in the knowledge that this is the final season premiere of the greatest television experience that has ever graced the screen. It seems to fit the current atmosphere of the show in having two separate “timelines” occurring at once, as I am overwhelmed with both excitement and a supreme touch of sadness. And although I am not going to dwell on this thought for long, I did want to first acknowledge it for a moment.

I also wanted to mention it’s a thrill to be back here providing a little recap and analysis for you all. I’m sending out a huge thank you to my supporters over the years who have kept me going with their love and encouragement, as well as a giant ‘hello’ to all the new readers that have come along just recently. It’s a true pleasure to be here with the very best community of friends and fans I’ve ever had the blessing of being a part of.

For those of you who haven’t read my articles before, I like to pick a band that seems to fit the episode and use their song titles for my section titles. For “LA X”, I have chosen a group who got their start in the DHARMA-esque mid-70’s, the ever-so-appropriate Blondie.

As with most two-part episodes, this is a long one, so grab your beverage of choice, sit back in your most comfy rocking chair, and (hopefully) enjoy!