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LOST Fans and Bloggers Mentioned in Star Bulletin Again!

With all the excitement around the LOST Sunset on the Beach Premiere, not only was the cast blown away by the love but also the media as several news media interviewed several fans and bloggers.

Friends, Ryan and Jen from the Transmission podcast arranged a whole weekend event with dinner on Friday night and a LOST tour on Sunday and the star bulletin interviewed them and several of the fans that were in attendance.

Of course the rock god that Karen is, she got a mention again!

Here is her portion of the article:

South Florida blogger Karen Mauro received the tour as a Christmas gift from her husband and was gushing about the experience to the very end of her stay.

"The intrigue just gets deeper with each episode; I feel I'm a detective. I've been flummoxed at times, but I enjoy the mythology of the show because there's so many layers to it.

"It's been great to be part of what 'Lost' is all about and to experience the magic of this island we traveled to, to know it's not just fantasy, but the entirety and essence of the show," Mauro said.

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