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My 16 Questions with The LOST Blog

Our good friends and fellow LOST fanatics over at The LOST Blog have been conducting interviews with several different fans/bloggers/podcasters where they ask 16 questions about their experience and love for LOST.

I think it is a wonderful idea and I was honored to be a part of their interviews.

Here is a small portion of my interview with them but make sure you head over to thie site to see the rest of it.

Q: How long have you been watching Lost? If you’ve been watching since the pilot, can you remember your initial reaction to it?

A: I started watching from the pilot episode. I missed approximately the first 15 minutes and had no idea about Jack opening his eye and all of the action until a couple of days later when ABC had a special encore presentation. I was in awe and knew right away it would be a hit. I knew JJ’s work and was a big Alias fan, so I was also hoping this would be a hit.

Q: How did Lost get its polar bear claws into you? What about it got you hooked?

A: I think Smokey in the jungle was a big mystery in the pilot and everyone thought, No way – a dinosaur? But Walkabout really set everything up for me. The reveal of Locke being in a wheelchair was just genius. The show’s format and character driven plot was key for me.

Q: Favorite character?

A: This is a hard one and usually I would say it is between a few people but Michael Emerson portrayal of Ben is awesome! Smokey is kinda cool as well.

Q: Least favorite character?

A: Harper – I had to dig deep for that one ;) Okay, major character or Lostie…perhaps Michael because of his screams for….WAAALLLLT!!!

Q: Favorite episode or season?

A: S3 Finale or The Constant – S1 and S5

Q: Least favorite episode or season?

A: Stranger in a Strange Land by a long shot.

Read Full Interview Here: The LOST Blog