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The New Room 23 Store

When Paul Burrows isn’t busy updating his uber-blog, Room 23 with the latest LOST scoop for fans around the world, he is busy putting his amazing artistic talents to use in the form of some very cool LOST-inspired illustrations. Many of you have seen his caricatures of our favorite survivors gracing the pages of his website. Well, now you can help show your support for Paul’s work and Room 23 by visiting his new online shop and picking up one of his specially-made LOST creations for your very own!

First off are his two Sketchbooks, one featuring a variety of characters and illustrations (including LOST), and another one that is totally LOST-oriented. I have had the pleasure of owning both books and must say, the work is gorgeous. He has a real knack for capturing what makes each character special. From a purely technical standpoint, he has a really beautiful sense of line work, color, and rendering. One cannot really simply call Paul’s LOST characters “cartoons”. Somehow he manages to infuse them with a life of their own that transcends this label and gives them weight that pops them right off the page.

Speaking of popping, I have had the unique pleasure of being on Paul’s Christmas mailing list. Would you believe he ALSO creates his own very humorous LOST pop-up cards every year?!? You have to be part engineer to make one of these kind of cards. Last year’s featured an entire underwater scene that unfolded when opened, along with our dear “Ezra James Sharkington” in a Santa-hat. The man is truly multi-talented!!

My favorite works are his most recent additions to the shop, a set of his own LOST Trading Cards. Featuring a clever jungle design template, each character card contains one of his illustrated LOSTies, along with pertinent information on the back in the form of “Ben’s Secret Files”. There is also a puzzle-card set containing an expansive illustration of the Island and its various Dharma stations done in a profile-view which shows the land dissected to reveal what is underground. There is a real passion and joy to these works, and I encourage you all to check out the images below and then go check out the Room 23 Store yourself!