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Episode 6x06 - Jin Delivers Watch to Keamy??

So ever since watching this past week's episode 6x06 Sundown, Sayid's flash sideways has bothered me a little.

However, the final reveal of Jin in the kitchen fridge was quite interesting. Not sure how important it is yet, because we just do not know what the purpose of the flash-sideways are yet.

Now many were wondering why Jin would be there?? My initial thought was Keamy must be that business associate Jin had to delivery Mr. Paik's (Sun's Dad) watch to.

Well watching the scene you can briefly notice a watch. Of course no confirmation that it is the same watch but here is a screencap that might make it a bit easier to decide.

Many of you probably felt the same way while some of you might not even care, but this is very important, because the last we saw of Keamy we knew he was hired by Widmore. Now IF (that is a big if) we assume Keamy still works for Widmore in the ALT, then perhaps we have gotten a confirmation that Widmore and Paik are indeed business associates. There have been hints before at a Paik/Widmore connection but this is in the ALT universe.

So what do you all think?

Here are a few screencaps for you:

(Click to Enlarge)

These are pics from back in Season 4!