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Episode 6x06 Sundown - LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
So this week in the ALT time line we find out Nadia is married to Killer Uncle Sayid's brotha' and Jin was being captive by Egg Chef Keamy. While on island, we learn that Dogen is a ninja warrior that was brought to the island by Jacob, that the temple is not protected by the ash after all, we see badass Darth Sayid, Crazy ummm "hot" Silence of the Lambs Claire, Confused Hypnotized Kate all join Team MiB. Not to mention the last 5 minutes all play out with a creepy Catch a Falling Star lullaby playing in the background.

Nice to know you Temple Others.

Boy. I have been struggling with this episode since I watched it on Tuesday night and still can't put my finger on why it is bothering me. I ended up giving it a B+, but the "+" was a bonus for the last five minutes alone.

I think the flash sideways is what did not seem to work for me. There are a ton of interesting things I picked up on after a second viewing but on the first watch all I got out of it was well looks like Sayid is still a killer and of course Jin is now connected to his story line. I will discuss more about my thoughts in our podcast.

The grades this week were quite interesting ranging from A+++ to D? A very interesting range as we are all watching the same episode, but goes to show how different we all take it in even this late in the game. All about perception.

The average for this week ended up being a B, but I know many fans loved this week.

Quote of the Week via Crit at F***YeahLOST:

The last few minutes of the episode were fantastic and the accompanying score was flawless, but most everything leading up to it felt a bit flat. I'm still finding it difficult to invest in the flash-sideways, and until we know just what is going on I think it will continue to be difficult.

However, I have a great deal of hope for what's to come. As the Flocke Army marched off, I felt like we just closed one chapter of this season, and next week we'll turn the page to a brand new chapter in the buildup to whatever showdown is to take place on/for the island.

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NOTE: A++ grades were scored as an A+