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Episode 6x07 Dr. Linus - LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Episode 6x07 Dr. Linus - LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

So another Ben episode and another awesome performance by Michael Emerson!

This week's episode delivered an episode that provided one of the most evil and manipulating characters we have had on LOST with redemption off and on island. I have always been a big fan of manipulating creepy Ben and to see him break down and us to finally see all he has ever wanted was to be "haved" was an interesting twist. Some still don't believe him and I wonder what will eventually happen to him?

One of the coolest scenes for me was the return to the Black Rock and Jack sits down with Richard after lighting the fuse and says ok now let's talk. However, Darth Locke gets a notable mention for trying to convince Dr. Linus to take the dark path and be the principal and also using the Force to free him from Ilana.

Most of the bloggers and fans seemed to really like this week's episode and overall it ended with an AVG grade of an "A". This is the second episode to get and it seems like we like our LOST teachers Dr. Linus and The Substitute John Locke.

Quote of the Week from LOST-Media's Gertie Beth:
"Oh, I LOVED this one!! Cried like a baby... I love Ben! I think?"

So do you all agree? What did you think?

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