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Episode 6x09 - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
I know a few of you did not think this past week's episode of LOST was as good as others thought, but you were in a big minority as most fans felt that it was amazing and one of the better episodes we have seen.

The fan polls ranked this episode very high and just slightly below the The Constant making it the second highest ranked episode.

The blogger/media sites agreed with the majority as several of them gave A++++!

As always the additional "+" symbols are to show how they really felt but only count for one "+".

What more can I say, I loved seeing Richard's flashback, Nestor Carbonell's acting was awesome and and any Jacob and MiB interaction is always a plus. Of course the writers gave us several answers including killing two birds with one Black Rock, explaining how the ship got to the center of the island and what destroyed the 4-toed statue.

Quote of the Week via Anna (FourToedFoot.com): Can I do A to the 15th power? It was as emotional as the Constant, as mythical as Cabin Fever, as shocking as The Man Behind the Curtain…I could go on through all of the BIG episodes we have of the series. There are not many who seem to have NOT added this to their “top-episodes of all times” lists. Especially when we have been given NOTHING about this character but little spurts and hints…the fan buildup was phenomenal and I have to agree it met and surpassed my expectations.

Honorable Mention - Best Use of the Letter "A": 'A' is for Admirable Amazing Astonishing Awesome Ab Aeterno Alpert.

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