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UPDATE: The interview is NOW posted at the following link:


UPDATE: Thanks for ALL the great questions, I just completed my chat with Damon and it went really well.

Unfortunately he was short on time and could not answer too many questions, but what he did answer he answered well. I will get the audio up soon!

Hey All,
We are half way through Season 6 and you most likely watched the Richard-Centric Ab Aeterno and were blown away by not only Nestor Carbonell's acting, but also the reveals about the Black Rock, Jacob, MiB and more!

However, you still have questions and feel LOST. So is there one question you always wanted to ask one of the LOST writers? Something about last night's episode? Season 6 or the show in general??

Well tomorrow Damon Lindelof will join me for a Q&A session for The ODI Podcast!

He of course will not answer anything too spoilery if at all, but if you have a question please leave a comment below or use the "Submit a Scoop" button above.

Please keep in mind Damon is busy, that I have limited time with him and I am sure several questions will be submitted. So to be fair please limit yourselves to one question only. I will NOT be able to ask every question but will do my best to ask as many good questions as possible.

The more simple and popular a question is, the more likely I will ask him and that you will get an answer. So submit away.

Thanks in advance and I can't wait to do this!