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ODI LOSTcast 52 - Theories with Vozzek and Jeff Jensen

Hey All,
So this week we have a special bonus podcast for you all. Entertainment Weekly editor Jeff Jensen joined Danny and myself to chat up LOST!

We talked about him being a super fan and writing about his favorite shows for a living. We also talked to him about his thoughts about the early days of LOST and of course overall theories for the show.

Plus, we discussed some of the more recent reveals of the candidate cave and lighthouse and what they could mean.

It is a fun interview, Jeff was totally cool and we hope to do it again sometime soon!

Karen was busy and could not join us for this podcast, but we are recording our recap podcast for Episode 6x05 today and will have that out to you as soon as we can.

In the meantime hope you enjoy this one!

This was posted to iTunes last night but below is an audio player and download link for those that do not use iTunes.

NOTE: This is completely spoiler free so do not worry about spoilers, just theories.

ODI LOSTcast 52 - Theories with Vozzek and Jeff Jensen

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