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Episode 6x10 The Package - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
With the Easter holiday this past weekend it took a couple of extra days to get some of the grades, but we got almost all of the grades sent in and practically all of the graders were in the same boat giving the episode an average grade of a "B-".

Sun/Jin episodes for some have been boring in the past and many graders did mention the slower pace, but the episode had some potential huge reveals. Sun knocking herself out on island and then waking up off island in the ALT, Keamy tying up Jin and worried if he might know about the island, MiB's interaction with Widmore, Desmond being "The Package" and much more.

Quote of the Week via Axel at LOST Mythos Podcast: "I knew it was a Sun and Jin episode and I really wasn't expecting much, but what we got was one of the best "putting the pieces into place" episodes of the series. And what seems to be the first clear comunication of the exsistence of the flash sideways when Widemore says that if Locke gets off the Island their loved ones and everyone else will "all simply cease to be"."

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