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ODI LOSTcast 64 - Episode 6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo Recap

So with only 4 episodes left until the series finale we began getting some big reveals with this past week's episode 6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo.

As always, in this podcast we discuss every key moment and of course provide you with our thoughts about both Michael and Libby returning, Michael bringing the whispers along with an "answer" to what they are, Desmond and Locke exchanging shocking moments with one another, Ilana going Azrt and much more!

No special guests or bonus podcast this week, so this week's podcast is a slightly extended podcast. It is extended as we take some time to chat about the whispers and I rant about why I did not like the way the whispers were answered.

Hope you all enjoy!

As always this podcast was posted on iTunes, but for those that can not access iTunes, here is an audio player and download link:

ODI LOSTcast 64 - Episode 6x12 Everybody Loves Hugo Recap

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