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Episode 6x13 - ODI LOSTometer Episode Grade Chart

Hey All,
Hope the one week break wasn't too long for you all? Well the last episode was an ideal "transitional" episode putting our Losties in position for the final stretch run.

There were several interesting scenes and it was almost an overload of information as the ALT stories began to merge and the on island Losties seemed like they were going to work together until Jack decided to jump ship and return to the main land. We had the Sun/Jin reunion, the Jack/Claire reunion, Jack and Locke meeting up both off island and on island and much more!

Some of the graders loved the episode while others thought it was just ok. We received a good mix of grades from the blogger/media sites and the final average grade was a "B".

Most of the graders mentioned that they thought the episode was a good episode but mainly used to setup the rest of the season.

BTW, yes Karen finally decided to NOT give an A+ to an episode! You can see why below because she is the "Quote of the Week".

Quote of the Week via Karen's LOST Notebook: "It is breaking my heart to do this, but even though we got A LOT of important information and connections, something felt...wrong. Who knows, maybe that was the intention. Witnessing Sun and Jin's reunion was wonderful but feel short in the heartfelt passionate love they're supposed to share. I felt like they were reunited after a weekend apart as opposed to the lengthy time frame we're led to believe they were apart. Again, who knows, maybe that's a bit of "info" we should keep in mind."

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