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Happy LOST Series Finale Day! Thanks for 6 Amazing Years!

Hey All,
I just wanted to say I am really thankful to all of you that have visited the site or checked out the podcast on a regular basis! With out all of you the site and podcast would not exist.

I know this is a sad day for most of you, but it should be a happy day that should be celebrated. In this era of TV shows being canceled just because of writing and ratings it would be almost impossible to get a show that you love to end on it's own terms.

In a recent interview I read, the interviewer asked LOST writer Damon Lindelof if he was sad about the show coming to an end? His reply was, of course there is some normal sadness because something comes to an end, but how can you be sad for something you ask for? Yes as fans we never asked for this day, but Damon has a point. The writers asked ABC for this opportunity to end the show on their own terms and to allow the show to have a proper ending and thankfully they agreed.

We might not like the ending, but we are getting a complete story not something that we lived and talked about for 6 years being left open ended.

So we should be happy for the six amazing and wonderful years that we have received and of course ALL of the wonderful friendships that we created with one another in this great LOST community.

Thanks to the writers/producers, cast and crew for LOST and changing many fans lives!

If you are online and want to chat live with fans ALL across the world during the east coast feed via streaming LOST live, then check out the chat page here:


Please have a wonderful day where ever you watch and celebrate the finale and Happy LOST Series Finale Day to all!!


- The ODI