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ODI LOSTcast 66 - Episode 6x13 The Last Recruit - Super-Sized Recap

Hey All,
With the one week break we were able to record two separate podcasts for you all. The first one was the recap podcast that is super-sized and the second podcast which will be posted tomorrow, is a bonus podcast with LOST Blogger Erika from LongLiveLocke.com and our good friend DarkUFO.

Part of DarkUFO's segment contained spoilers, so we made that it's own little mini podcast for all the spoiler lovers. So if you want to hear the spoilers podcast you can find it on iTunes or in the spoilers section of the site.

Of course in the recap podcast, Karen, Vozzek and myself go into every detail and analyze each scene of The Last Recruit. We also had some nice debates about the MiB/Locke, his intentions and what the end game is.

I am sure you all will enjoy it!

The podcast was posted to iTunes late last night but for those that can not access iTunes, here are the audio player and download link:

ODI LOSTcast 66 - Episode 6x13 The Last Recruit - Super-Sized Recap

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