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ODI Podcast Update - Final Recap "Soon" (UPDATED)

UPDATE: July 20th Those looking for the new podcast it is finally live on iTunes! I made a mistake when uploading it yesterday. I will make a post later today! :)

UPDATE: July 8th - So we had over 6K+ entries and after going through and eliminating spammers and duplicate entries 3 finalists have been chosen and an email has been sent to each. One of these three individuals will be the winner but I can not post the podcast until this winner is determined. It should hopefully take no more than a few days to get this all squared away.

I know for those of you that did not enter and feel you are being punished, I apologize. However, the agreement I had with DK was to have the winner with this podcast and we will just need to wait a few more days.

Thanks again for your patience.

First of all, thanks to all of you waiting so patiently for the LOST Finale recap.

I was hoping to avoid posting this update but we are receiving so many emails asking what happened and where it is and who won the complete collection set that I think it is just easier this way.

Unfortunately one of the main delays is the winner of the LOST Complete Collection Set. It seems like a few fans tried to cheat via a spam bot and we are trying to make sure that we do not reward any one who tried to cheat.

So please be patient. I am hoping all will be fixed and cleared in the next few days.

Thanks again and I am looking forward to all of your thoughts!