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ODI LOSTcast 72 - Series Finale Recap Part 1

WOW. I do not believe it! Yup an ODI LOST Podcast!

It feels like it has been ages and well frankly when it was the recap of the finale of the best show of our lifetime and we made you wait weeks and weeks to get part 1, well I it has been ages and I don't blame all of you for wondering WTF happened?

Unfortunately there is not one simple answer to that question. I initially decided to take some time to get some personal stuff done but knew I had time because of the giveaway and well most of you that have seen the updates know there was some cheating going on that led to some changes in how the winner was picked. It was still someone from the emails and some one picked at random.

Thanks to all of you that submitted entries we really appreciate it and of course thanks for waiting so patiently!! The lucky winner of the LOST Complete Collection DVD set and LOST encyclopedia is:

Patrick Curry who sent in the following email after winning:

When I fell for Lost I fell hard. I rapidly consumed all things that had to do with the show which, combined with my burgeoning habit of listening to podcasts during my commute, led me to The Odi. The Odi lead me to DarkUfo and so many great recaps. But really it was The Odi and the LOSTcast that I found to be the perfect supplement to the raw data of Lostapedia and it quickly became part of my daily surfing routine. Damon and Carlton have often said that the fans are just as much a part of the show as the writers and to me, The Odi is proof of this. All the content here, the information behind the scenes, in front of the scenes, cast and crew interviews and the rich content of the podcast have made me feel like part of the mythology. Something that cannot be duplicated no matter how many re-watches. I am forever grateful for this. And for things like this amazing contest! A big, fat Thank You to The Odi for all this. Through rain, snow and a house fire The Odi was always there. However, I have, admittedly, been myopic with the site, head in the Lost sand, but my daily visits continue and I'm discovering new life after Lost. Lots to be excited about. None of it will be Lost but that's okay, I recently learned how to let go.
Congratulations to Patrick and thanks to DK Publishing for sponsoring the prize!
I am really glad that after all the confusion a loyal fan won! Well there were a few other minor reasons for the additional delays but I am glad it is finally out for you all to hear!

In part 1 we cover all of the afterlife/purgatory/ALT world scenes and always throw in thoughts about other moments from LOST. Please let us know if you agree or disagree and your thoughts in the comments section below.

I will be at Comic Con this weekend so if anyone of you will be there and would like to meet up please let me know. It will be awesome to hang with some Losties again!

Now word on the street is there might be some stuff about the LOST DVD set at Comic Con so we will update you with anything we see.

As far as the plan for part 2 we will record next week sometime and hope fully have it out a week or so after. So look for a second part in a couple of weeks.

So I hope you all enjoy!

ODI LOSTcast 72 - Series Finale Recap Part 1

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