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LOST Auction is MORE Than an Auction - Here is What to Expect

This info was just sent over by the LOST Auction folks.

For those that are attending there is a costume contest, Dharma food, Exclusive merchandise and several photo opps with the props and stars!

BTW I will be there so make sure to follow me on Twitter @TheODI for all updates! :)

This event this weekend is more than just an auction. It will be a celebration of the show as the Barker Hangar in Santa Monica is transformed into “LOST Con” with things for fans who are not even participating in bidding:

* cool photo opportunities like sitting in part of Oceanic 815, sitting at the Swan Station hatch computer, Dharma Van, Jughead, and more!

* EARLY sneak peeks of Season 6 DVD bonus material BEFORE 8/24 street date, including THE NEW MAN IN CHARGE

* Costume Contest for those die-hard LOSTies at 11 a.m. Individual entrants only. Grand Prize Winner wins the Complete Collection on DVD/Blu-Ray (all six seasons in the artifact packaging with Senet game and additional bonus material). First Prize wins Season 6 DVD/Blu-Ray. 8 runner ups will get LOST T-Shirts.

* Exclusive Merchandise – LOST Bobbleheads, Mego action figures, Limited Edition Photography, Exclusive t-shirts, Dharma and Oceanic water bottles!

* Gourmet food trucks (Lake Street Creamery is making “Dharma” flavored ice cream on Saturday! Also on Saturday: The Grilled Cheese Truck, Border Grill, Manila Machine. On Sunday: Border Grill, Cool Haus, D’Catering)