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What's New in My LOST World - Podcast, Auction and Damon

Well Losties, I am sure many of you like myself can't wait until the Season 6 DVD are released on August 24th and have been missing the show greatly.

I know many of you are also missing the podcast and want that update. Well we recorded a podcast a couple of weeks ago, but a big segment of it was about the leaked synopsis of the DVD Epilogue. However, a few days after recording it we found out it was completely FAKE!

The good news is that clip is online and I am sure many of you have seen it. We are planning to re-record that segment any day and will have a podcast hopefully out to you in a week.

So what else is new? This weekend is the highly anticipated LOST Auction and just got my tickets today! If you will be there and want to hook up please let me know!

This is what the ticket looks like.

Now for something truly cool. Last night I was lucky enough to have an opportunity to go check out a candid chat with Damon Lindelof and Heroes creator Tim Kring at Book Soup bookstore in Hollywood. Both are good friends and Tim was signing autographs for the release of his new book Shift.

The conversation between the two was awesome and they spoke openly about the the origins of how both LOST and Heroes came about and even about potential regrets.

There is so much they talked about but I did record some videos and once I get some free time I will upload them for you all to check out.

One of the highlights of the night was before the event even started. I pulled up to the parking lot and happened to park next to two spots that said reserved for authors signing. As I was looking for the entrance coming down the back stairs was Tim Kring.

I had just met him at Comic Con so he totally recognized me and we had a moment to say hi and chat. As we were chatting a very nice car pulled up and hear a voice say something like: "Ahhhh soooo meeting with the enemy I see..."

Don't quote me on the exact words but that is basically what I heard and it was Damon! I told him that if I was not trying to get into the back VIP entrance I would not be who I am. :)

We had a quick laugh, I was able to say hi and chat with him for quick few moments. Ut was a perfect beginning to a cool night.

Thanks to Tim and Damon for being really cool down to earth guys!