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Podcast Update Finally

Well it has been a few rough weeks (couple of months) for me. I appreciate each and everyone of you that have posted comments, emailed me or Karen and Danny directly to find out what is happening.

Luckily nothing too serious has happened, but I have been dealing with some personal/work/financial issues that I needed to handle. I know it is not fair to all of you that are waiting but when I have limited time to complete certain things unfortunately I need to make sure that I prioritize my day correctly.

That of course does not mean the podcast and you all are not important but I did need to make some decisions and changes. Unfortunately what I have been dealing with and working on has just taken up all of my free time that I would spend on the podcast and the site.

I am currently working for Greenwala.com and I am now the Director of Content and Community at the site and the work load has increased heavily. So much so that the site/podcast had to take a back seat. Greenwala's traffic has increased over the last several months and I am very proud to be a part of the site.

The new TV Season has started and I have had barely anytime to work on the TV section of the site posting the bare minimum. Also, besides the few posts here and there for The ODI, I have posted on the SpoilerTV Movies page where I one of the main admins and have made a promise to make sure that site is updated regularly.

Now that you are upto speed, the good news is, there are about 3 podcasts ALREADY recorded and all that is required is for me to edit them. Some have suggested that I should just post what I have and that it does not need to be edited, but that is not who I am. I am some what of a perfectionist and want to make sure that I put out a good product for you all to enjoy and listen to. Additionally, I finally have some time scheduled to start editing tonight and if all goes well the rest of the week I will be able to edit the podcasts and make one supersized podcast covering several different topics.

For those that feel I am being selfish, well there is not much I can say. It is a free podcast, Karen, Danny and myself have put a tremendous amount of time and effort for all of you out there. I know most of you understand this and it might be only a few people making such comments, but those few then need to know we are doing all of this in on our free time and when life takes away that free time, this is what happens.

Sorry this post did not come sooner, it just every day/week I really hoped I would have time to edit and it just did not happen.

I will do my best to get something out to you all soon!

Thanks again for the patience and I hope you all understand.