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Mobisode 2: Hurley Centric

Thanks to Susan@DarkUFO


[Hurley walks out of a tent with a backpack]

Frogurt: Hello Hurley.

[Hurley turns around and something falls out of his backpack]

Hurley: Frogurt.

Frogurt: It's Neil.

Hurley: Neil.

Frogurt: What are you doing in Rose and Bernard's tent, Hurley?

Hurley: Nothing.

Frogurt: Nothing, huh?

[Frogurt picks up a DHARMA wine bottle that appears to have fallen
from Hurley's backpack]
Looks like you snagged some DHARMA cabernet.

Hurley: They said I could borrow it.

Frogurt: No worries, bro. I'm not here to get in your skin. If you
wanna steal from Bernie, steal from Bernie. I just have a question
for you. What's going on with you and Libby?

Hurley: What do you mean?

Forgurt: I mean are you going to make a move or not?

Hurley: None of your business, dude.

Frogurt: Look, Tubby, you're holding up the line. You and I both
know you're not going to get past doing laundry with her, so why don't
you back off, and let a real man in.

Hurley: Really?

Frogurt: Really.

Hurley: Well it just so happens I'm way past doing laundry with her.
Yeah that's right. In fact, I'm going on a date with her right now.
We're going on a picnic.

Frogurt: You got a date with her?

Hurley: Yeah. I'm bringing the wine, she's bringing the blankets.

Frogurt: Well played, Hurley. Well played. But it's not over. If
you can't close the deal with Libby, it's Neil-time - now and forever.

[Neil walks away]

[Hurley smiles and continues on]