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FlyOceanicAir.com Reveals New LOST ARG at Find815.com

Hey All,
The new LOST ARG has begun!! As many of you know ABC had an official press release to announce that Oceanic Airlines (OA) was returning to the airways and that their new site FlyOceanicAir.com would be active as of today.

Well if you go to the site a video clip auto loads with the commercial which is hacked by an OA Employee by the name of Sam. A new site Find815.com flashes several times during the clip which starts you on your mission along side Sam to find the survivors of OA Flight 815.

**Make Sure You Register to Keep Track of Your Progress**

So far there seems to be at least 5 chapters with each chapter containing several clues and pieces to continue through the game.

Here are the details with some screencaps:

Chapter 1: Sonya's Picture

The first thing you see when you arrive to the site is another video clip load with a news reporter, reporting that the search of Flight 815 will be stopped soon. You see will see Sam during the broadcast and soon learn that it is Sam watching the TV and that his girlfriend Sonya was among the people LOST on Flight 815 and that Sam is looking for Sonya.

Here are some screen caps:

At this point of the clip Sam receives a mysterious email with a picture of Sonya, which begins your first game to find what is wrong with Sonya's picture. You can see right away that there is a MOLE (hmmmm) located in the email image. Zooming in on the mole reveals that it is called the "Black Rock".

At the end of the clip you can now use Sam's Desk to find other interesting goddies

Sam's Desk:

1) Click on Laptop to Find OA Website and Mystery Emails.

This email has what seems like some code we need to possibly decode??

2) Click on Notebook for Flight Manifest

Details on all the 815 Losties: Kate, Sawyer, Jack, Sayid, Hurley, Claire, Sun/Jin, and Locke

3) Click on Cellphone: No Messages

There is a control panel to also keep track of the items you have found or need to still find to continue the game which looks like this:

Well that is all I could find in about an hour because I off for a New Year's Eve Party. Have fun explore the site and see what else you can find. I will do my best to keep you all updated, but if someone finds something I do not have posted please feel free to post a comment or message me.

Happy New Year!!