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Mobisode 6: Room 23 (Ben/Juliet)

Thanks to DarkUFO.

Full Transcript:

[Shows the number 23 on a door. Beeping Alarm. People running. Ben comes into hallway. Juliet is standing outside the door of room 23.]

Ben – What's happening?

Juliet – He did it again.

Ben – Did what again?

Juliet – You know.

Ben – Well, you're going to have to tell him to stop doing it.

Juliet – I'm not going in there.

Ben – Fine. Get Beatrice.

Juliet – She's not going in there either, Ben. None of them will. Tom won't even bring him food. They're all scared. Look, Ben, his father is out there looking for him. We could bring him back.

Ben – No.

Juliet – This is your responsibility. You were the one who wanted him here.

Ben – Jacob wanted him here. He's important. He's special.

Juliet – He's dangerous.

Ben – He's just a kid, Juliet. He's a child.

Juliet – He's just a child? Come see.

[They go outside.] What kind of child does this?
[Looks at a boarded up window up above with dead birds on the ground below. Ben and Juliet look at each other.]