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Mobisode 7: Arzt and Crafts (Arzt Centric)

Hey All,
Like we reported a couple of weeks ago, that Daniel Roebuck, Dr. Arzt would be appearing in two of the mobisodes and well this is the first one he appears in. Of course this means this is a missing piece from Season 1 and actually goes waaay back early into season 1, when the Losties were deciding on staying at the caves or on the beach.

This mobisode features several of the Losties and picks up on one of the very common reccurring themes in LOST....duality. Since day 1 there seems to be two schools of thought on what to do on the island and who to follow....?? Team Jack or NOT Team Jack.

Well Arzt gives some of the Losties his insights on whether the Losties should trust Jack or not..??

Once again a big thanks to Susan@DarkUFO for supplying us with the video clip to share with you all.

Well here you go enjoy and namaste.

Full Transcript:
[Jin and Sun sitting on the beach. Looking through clothes. Talking in Korean.]

Jin - [pointing at something] I think they are lovers.

Sun - They're not.

Jin - He looks at her like they are.

Sun - Boone and Shannon are brother and sister.

Jin - How do you know? Do they speak Korean?

Sun - It was just a guess.

[Arzt comes running up to them.]

Arzt - What's all this about moving from the beaches, huh, going to the caves? Are you guys going, to the caves?

Hurley - [sitting a few feet away with Michael] They don't speak English, dude.

Arzt - [to Hurley and Michael] Oh. How about, are you going?

Michael - I don't know what you're talking about, man.

Arzt - I'm talking about the caves. Are you going to go to the caves? Jack and that bald guy, and uh, what's-her-face, they found some caves, and they think that actually we should move from the beaches to the caves.

Hurley - So, why shouldn't we?

Arzt - Why, sh… Ok, A 1, moisture. Caves are abundant with moisture. Moisture breeds bacteria, and attracts insects that would lay eggs in our mouths while we sleep. All right.

Arzt - [turning around and yelling, slowly, at Sun and Jin] Hey, hey, hey. I know that you don't understand me, but if there is a vote to go to the caves, you two, you vote no! Got it? No!

Michael - Hey, shouting at them is not going to make them understand any more.

Hurley - Hey, if Jack says it's a good idea, maybe we should, like, trust him.

Arzt - Why? You tell me. Because he's a doctor? Is that what qualifies him for leadership here? How do we know he's not a nut case? I want to tell you something. [leaning down and speaking quietly to Hurley and Michael] The other day I'm in the jungle, and I'm taking a leak, and Jack runs through the jungle, crying for his Daddy. [speaking louder, to all] Ok, fine, fine, you morons, you want to go to the caves, good riddance. I'm going to stay right here on the beach with all the people who want to survive. [Monster noise. They all look around.] I'll uh, I'll see you guys at the caves. [He walks away.]

Source: DarkUFO