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Mobisode 8: Buried Secrets (Sun/Michael Centric)

**UPDATED With HQ Version**

Here is LOST Mobisode 8: Buried Secrets which feature Sun and Michael in a scene which seems definitely early in Season 1. This confirms a suspicion that many of us had about the connection between Sun and Michael.

Enjoy and namaste.

Thanks to DocArzt.

Thanks to our good friend DarkUFO for the clip.

Full Transcript:
[Jin is at the shore with a fishing pole. Sun is watching him from the woods. She goes into the jungle. She looks at her California driver’s license and starts to dig a hole to bury it. Michael comes running by.]

Michael: Vincent! Vincent! Oh, hey I’m sorry. I was looking for Vincent. I didn’t mean to scare you. You ok?

Sun: Yes, I’m, I’m fine. I just, I just needed a moment by myself.

Michael: Hey, you sure you’re ok? [Sun looks down. Michael looks down too. He sees her license on the ground and picks it up]

Sun: [crying] I was, this is…

Michael: No, no, no, you don’t have to explain. [He hands the license to her.]

Sun: I was going to leave him. I was going to leave Jin, and start a new life in America. But I changed my mind at the airport because I was afraid.

Michael: Hey, hey, it’s, it’s, it’s ok. [He holds her hands.] We’re getting off this island any day now. Things will change.

Sun: No. It’s too late. This place. It’s my punishment. It’s my destiny.

Michael: No... Maybe you should talk to him.

Sun: He’s not the man I fell in love with.

[Michael hugs her.]

Michael: Maybe he just needs a little time. It’s been hard on all of us. It’s ok. It’ll be ok.

[They pull apart and stare at each other. Michael’s hand is on Sun’s face. They lean in to kiss, but before they do, Vincent comes up and barks and they back away.]

Sun: I must go. I’m sorry. [Sun runs away.]

Michael: Uh… [Watches her leave.] Come here, Vincent. Come on.