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Find815 Chapter 2 Clue Hunt Solutions and Caps

**UPDATED 7:45PM PST** Hey All I just wanted to say thank you so so much for all of your emails....!! :) But please be a little patient I have received over 100 emails all with various screencaps so I will do my best to get them all organized and up soon.

Thanks to everyone for details of each Season's Clues - Screencaps up soon. :)


Thanks to Claire for sending me screencaps of the 8 Trivia questions on Yahoo. I have highlighted the answers and posted all of the screencaps now.

Clue Hunt Game Season Clues:

S1: Pilar of Smoke, it's a picture near the bathroom

S2: Henry Gale's Ballon, another picture, on the desk

S3: Ping Pong, two blue ping pong things, above the bead, on the books

S4 Clue Word Solution: Penny's Number, the clue is "423 Cheyenne Walk"/"Daniel Faraday" (If Yahoo7)

Thanks to Bo & Morgan:

020 is the country code for London/Britain 020 is for in London

020 is also the Australian country code, more likely to be that since Penny is from there.

Thanks to everyone who sent this in.

The game can be found here: http://au.yahoo.com/lost/find815/

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