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EXCLUSIVE: Q & A with a LOST Writer

**Thank you to ALL of you that have submitted questions and participated in this Q&A. With the S4 Premiere less than a week away we will NO LONGER BE ACCEPTING ANY ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS**

Hey All,
Now many of you should know by now that we (fans and forums) are being watched by the producers and writers of LOST....and ultimately they are writing and producing the show for us.

Well one our good friends and source of info/spoilers has just informed me that a LOST Writer is a fan of the LOST on ABC MySpace group I help moderate. The source mentioned that this writer reads many of the posts made in the forum...and that they have agreed to answer some of our questions...!!

Yes your very own exclusive Q&A session with a LOST writer....!! Basically the way it will work is by us posting questions about Seasons 1-3 here in the specified thread and compile a list of questions. Unfortunately for spoiler lovers apparently no spoilers for season 4 will be revealed. So please ask questions about S1-3 only.

Once we get a good list of questions I will be able to send a list of questions back to our source and depending on the questions and how many we get, the LOST writer will answer them.

Sorry at this point we will not know who the writer is, but if this Q&A works well, then perhaps it can become a regular thing...?

Here is the message from my source:

I was thinking that since I know writers from the show that I'll make one come on and answer some questions from the group so I finally got one to agree.

A good friend of mine not to be named is a fan of the group and reads many posts on the LOST board and would like to answer a few questions from the fans.

So if you and the group have a questions email me back with a list or make a thread (cause I know there going to be a lot) and I'll reply back with the answers but no spoilers or Theories on the upcoming season just questions from season 1-3 or anything that was a rumored/filmed during the time of season 1-3.

So please ask away and spoiler lovers MAYBE if you ask a smart question about Season 1-3 we might learn something about Season 4.

For those of you that are not members of the group but would like to be a part of this opportunity to have your question answered, then please join the group at the following link and click on "Join" at top of the page.

LOST on ABC on MySpace

You can then post your question in the forum in designated thread:

Exclusive Q&A with LOST Writer

For those that can not access MySpace or do not have a MySpace account please send me an email (mrtheodi@gmail.com) or post a comment here and I will add your question to the list. If you send an email please use the following subject: Lost Q&A

Please keep all questions simple and we will keep a running list to avoid any duplication of questions.

Thanks to the mystery LOST writer and friend that has hooked this up.

Ask away.......!!

As always enjoy and namaste.