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New Website Found: Sunda Stories and Black Rock Site Gone!?

Update: 10:40 GMT Thanks to redheadgal for kindly taking the time to transcribe the text.

List of some notable planes and ships lost in the Sunda Trench:

1566- Loss of Portugese trading vessel on trip from Ambon Island
1693- Disappearance of noted early Dutch explorer Conrad Van Eyck
1815- British fighting vessel "Princess Mary" reported missing with all hands on trip from Cape Town
1914- Japanese steam freighter goes missing on expedition to New Guinea
1931- Dutch freighter vanishes returning from Timor, crew of 29 on board
1933- British warship disappears during expedition
1937- Pilot involved in search for Amelia Earhart disappears off coast of Sumatra
1944- Several American bombing planes go missing in region on routine mission, despite no reports of storms or enemy activity
1948- Dutch merchant ship SS Ourang M____ (can't read) was found adrift off Indonesia with all of its crew dead. The ship subsequently caught on fire and sank
1951- US submarine disappears during patrol of waters
1955- British plane en route to Thailand disappears with 7 crew and 13 passengers-- one week later a plane sent out on a rescue mission also vanishes
1957- US seaplane lost with 10 crewmen
1964- American aircraft carrying 55 military personnel to South Vietnam vanishes
1966- British navy boat on patrol during Indonesian confrontation vanishes-- initially this loss was thought to be due to Indonesian military, but later release of classified documents from the Indonesian government indicated this was not the case
1973- French sailor disappears during round the world yacht expedition
1975- privately-owned plane carrying Minister in Indonesian government vanishes with 6 people on board
1981- Japanese commercial plane with 2 pilots and 42 passengers disappears en route to Jakarta
1981- Pleasure craft captained by West German business tycoon disappears
1988- Indonesian commercial plane disappears over ocean, 238 people on board
1998- Taiwanese freighter lost
2003- Ship High Aim 6 left Taiwan on October 31, 2002- found floating in Australian waters without its crew on on January 8, 2003.

In addition to these, there have been reports of high incidence of unexplained electronics failure in the area. Compasses have also been know to behave erratically."

**UPDATED 2:00AM PST** Thanks to Chris and Dudu Maroja for finding info on the missing picture of the HMS M2 Sub on the Sunda site. The M2 sub apparently had an accident off the coast of the Isle of Portland in England.


Thanks to Hoku, Maria and everyone else for the heads up and screencaps of the new website which is called "Sunda Stories". Also it seems like the previous site the Black Rock is now missing??

The site seems to be about all of the incidents of missing ships and planes and unexplainable events in the Sunda Trench.