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Find815 New Email Reveals Potential Map Coordinate??

Hey All,
Part 1 of Chapter 2 from Find815 included also another mysterious email with all sorts of random numbers. However, if you look closely at the numbers you will right away notice some key numbers (1 1 1 7 8 4) that are a different shade. Much speculation has made about the numbers already as far as being a date or perhaps map coordinates.

Click Image to Enlarge.

Many of the Losties over at Dark's Find815 blog (thanks to Hoku and others) feel that the numbers are a latitude coordinate of -11.1784, which I believe is right. The coordinate can then be inputted along with some potential longitudes into Google maps to reveal a location near the Sunda Trench and Christmas Island ...!! Thus, we should be expecting a longitude during the game sometime soon.

I know that many of you that are on top of the game might know all of this already, but today I received an interesting message that actually makes a good case for the numbers being potential map coordinates for Flight 815 near Fiji. Using the same logic from earlier with Google maps, the Losties in a LOST Forum in Brazil have found another potential Longitude that pinpoints a location near Fiji.

So is it possible have we found Flight 815...!?

Thanks to Guilherme for the following:

I've been researching a lot about those strange numbers and, with the TEAM GAME here in Brazil, we thought a theory that I think quite interesting.

Let say the numbers are world coordinates....
The Pilot of Oceanic 815 said that "they turned back to land in Fiji and by the time the turbulance hit them, they were a thousand miles off course".

Well, the coordinate of the Fiji Island in Google Maps is this: -18.166667°, 178° 45'

Then, I put the numbers of Sam's e-mail like this on Google Map: -11°, 178ยบ 4' and found a place in the Pacific, very near the Ecuador (like Sayid said to Shannon) and that can possibly be a thousand miles off course the traditional route of commercial air lines.

I'm sending you a picture of the map.

The green spot is the place I believe Oceanic 815 crashed, the little island below it is Fiji and there is a spot in the place where Sydney should be.

So, what do you think?

Brazil is also trying to FIND 815 !!!