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Mobisode 10 - Jack Meet Ethan

Here is the new mobisode for this week, which features Jack and Ethan. This one is from Season 1 once again and I felt it was actually a pretty good scene. I liked it very much because it gives us another look at Ethan and how he was there from the early stages of the show. Well check it out for yourself.

As soon as the HQ version is available I will update the post. Also, you can watch all of the previous Mobisodes at the following link:

LOST Mobisodes: Missing Pieces 1-10

Thanks once again to DarkUFO for the clip.

Full Transcript

[Jack is going through suitcases. Ethan walks up.]

Ethan - You’re the Doctor, right?

Jack - Yeah. That’s me.

Ethan - Well, I heard you were rounding up the medicine, so I figured you might want this.

[He opens a suitcase.]

Jack - Whew.


Ethan - Jackpot, right?

Jack - Guy must have been a hypochondriac or something. Where did you find this?

Ethan - Jungle.

Ethan - I’m Ethan, by the way.

[They shake hands.]

Jack - Jack.

Ethan - Thank you, Jack.

Jack - For what?

Ethan - Getting those together, having a little perspective, you know. [Says something unintelligible.] Most of them still think we’re going to get rescued any time now.

Jack - And you think I don‘t?

Ethan - No, I think you’re smart. And I think you’re looking at that girl, [looks at Claire] knowing that you might actually have to deliver that baby here. I know that’s what I’m thinking.

Jack - Well, it’s nice to know I’m not alone.

Ethan - [Laughs.] You’re definitely not alone.

Jack - If she does go into labor, at least I know I’ve got an assistant. [Ethan looks at him and looks away.] I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Ethan - It’s all right. Don’t worry about it. Anyway I’m glad the meds.

Jack - Thank you.

[Ethan gets up to leave.]

Ethan - Jack, um, my wife died in childbirth. And our uh, our baby didn’t make it either. [Jack looks at him, but doesn’t say anything.] Well, let’s hope we’re both wrong and the rescue boats are on the way right now.

Jack - Let’s hope.

[Ethan walks away.]