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Mobisode 11 - Jin has a Temper-Tantrum

**UPDATED With HQ Version**

Here is the new Mobisode featuring a scene with Jin, Michael and Hurley on the golf course.

Once again thanks to DarkUFO for the details and clip.

You can watch all of the previous Mobisodes at the following link:

LOST Mobisodes: Missing Pieces 1-10

Full Transcript:
[Jin, Hurley, and Michael are playing golf. Jin is putting.]

Hurley: All right Jin, you sink this putt, you win.

Michael: He can’t understand you.

Hurley: He can feel me, dude. He can feel me.

[Jin misses. ]

Michael: Yes!

Hurley [To Michael]: Congratulations, dude. [To Jin] It’s all right, Jin, you’ll get him next time.

[Jin goes on a rant, screaming (in Korean) and running around.]

Jin: No, why? Why can’t I hit the ball in the hole?

Michael: Hey it’s ok man, it’s only a game.

Jin: Shut up! Don’t pity me! All I wanted was one thing to go right.

Hurley: You can’t…

Jin: Do you want to say something? You don’t talk for once, you don’t talk! How can I lose to both Hurley and Michael?

Hurley: I think I heard our names in there somewhere.

Jin: I hate this horrible island. Why doesn’t anybody understand me? All I wanted was one moment of happiness! Why? Why can’t I be happy? Who invented this crazy game? No! You horrible ball! Why?

Michael: Maybe we should do something?

Jin: Please take this handcuff off! I’m going crazy.

Jin: You don’t care about me, do you? Don’t look at me with pity in your eyes. I’ve beaten men for lesser offenses!

Hurley [to Michael who headed toward Jin]: Eh, don’t touch him. Let him get it out.

Jin: No! You horrible ball! Why couldn’t you go in the hole? You horrible ball! Why? Why? Why?

Hurley: Maybe we should take a break from golf for a while.

Jin sits down and cries: I’m so alone. I’m so alone.

[Michael picks up the golf bag, and he and Hurley walk away.]