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Mobisode 12 - The Envelope (Juliet Centric)

Hey All,
Here is the latest LOST Mobisode that features a scene with Juliet and Amelia during the opening sequence of Season 3 right before the book club meeting.

You can watch all of the previous Mobisodes at the following link:

LOST Mobisodes: Missing Pieces 1-11

As always thanks to DarkUFO for the clip.

Full Transcript:

[A timer is beeping. Juliet runs to the oven and gets her muffins out. She burns her hand. The doorbell rings. She runs her hand under water. It’s the woman from the beginning of ATOTC, Amelia. Amelia gets her something from the freezer.]

Juliet: I’m fine. I’m really fine. I just, I need to clean up before everyone gets here. Thank you.

Amelia: It’s him, isn’t it?

Juliet: What? Who?

Amelia: Ben. Did you invite him today?

Juliet: Thanks for [….Things are kinda awkward…]

Amelia: Finally told you how he felt, huh?

Juliet: He didn’t, he didn’t say anything. It’s just complicated. Okay?

Amelia: Complicated doesn’t make you cry.

Juliet: I burned my hand.

Amelia: That doesn’t make you cry either. What happened Julie?

Juliet: I think, I think we’re in big trouble.

Amelia: Are we?

Juliet: I need, if I show you something, do you promise not to tell anyone? Do you swear? Not anyone.

[Amelia nods her head. Juliet goes to a drawer and pulls out a large manila envelope from under the silverware tray. She starts to open it, and the doorbell rings.]