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Mobisode 13 - So it Begins (Vincent Centric)

Here is the last LOST mobisode from ABC and I honestly think they saved the BEST for last!!

This is a great mobisode and yes you read the title right!! It is Vincent centric and features a scene from the pilot episode with everyone's favorite Shepard...yup Christian Shepard...!!

Watch all 13 Mobisodes here:
LOST Mobisodes: Missing Pieces 1-13

Ok enough of my rambling...just watch this one now...!!

Thanks to our good friends Sawyer840 and DarkUFO for the clips, transcript and poll.

Enjoy and Namaste.

Full Transcript:

[We see the jungle and hear someone running. The view is low to the ground. We hear panting. It’s Vincent. He passes open suitcases and sniffs them. He hears a whistle. We see legs. It’s Christian. Vincent runs up to him. Christian talks to Vincent.]

Christian: Hey there. Come on. Come on. Come on. Good boy. Come on. Come here. Come here. Good boy. Yes. [He leans down and pets him.] I need you to go find my son. He’s over there in that bamboo forest, unconscious. I need you to go wake him up. Ok. Go on.

[Vincent whines and runs off.]

Christian: He has work to do.

[We see Jack’s eye open just like the beginning of the pilot. Jack wakes up slowly, looks around, sees Vincent come through the jungle. Vincent whines, runs by him, and runs off. LOST black screen.]