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The ODI LOST Complete Podcast 1

Hey All,
So some of you already listened to the first part of The ODI LOST Podcast yesterday and we have already received some positive feedback, so thank you very much for listening.

Now for those of you that missed the first part I am reposting the player with the first part here again and it is followed by the remaining 3 clips in a divshare player. Each clip is about 10 minutes long and is the PERFECT pre-game before watching the LOST Season 4 Premiere.

If you were on hiatus yourself or a LOST fan this is a must listen, because it will totally help you catch up. The podcast is with a good friend of mine named Ronald and I think for the first time out it worked out well. I know there are some things we can work on and it will only get better.

We discuss the hiatus with the mobisodes and Find815, we talk a little about the Q&A with the LOST writer and we also talk a little about what to expect in the Season 4 premiere.

Parts 2-4 can be downloaded for anyone that would like to listen on their iPod. We will be looking into iTunes and we will hopefully have the second podcast up early next week with a little recap of the premiere and a preview of episode 2.

So please enjoy and post some comments with some feedback. Sorry with some of the background noise, the mic I had was not the best, but still sounds pretty good. Also, with this being out first podcast and after such a long hiatus

NOTE: Spoiler Haters, we discuss some minor spoilers for the season premiere in part 4, so if you do not like spoilers do NOT listen to part 4. We also warn in the audio so you should be ok in case you forget.