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Petition to Help Save the LOST Action Figures

Hey All,
It seems like there is some chatter that the McFarlane LOST Action Figures make actually become "lost" and no longer be produced.

If you are a Lostie and love the McFarlane oys Action Figures and want more, then please help us spread the word and sign the petition to save the figures.

Here are the details with a link to the petition.

Thanks to Ryan.

I'm sure you're well aware that McFarlane Toys has released two series of Lost action figures. Series three would be made up of Sayid, Claire, Desmond and Ben. The problem is, the company said they might not make this series three since they feel there isn't enough interest. That's where myself and some other fans come in.

We've created an online petition to save these LOST figures. I have a request for you. If you like these LOST figures and want to help further all things LOST, could you PLEASE maybe post a bulletin or let your friends know about the petition to SAVE THE LOST FIGURES? Right now we have 677 signitures worldwide and the McFarlane Toy company has personally emailed us stating how impressed they are at our progress and support. Please help us in any way you can. Spread the word and the link. Please! Please! Please!

Here is the petition link:


Thanks for your time. Lost fans unite!
Source: ODI