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Q&A with LOST Writer -- Answers Part 2

Hey All,
We have received the second set of answers from the LOST writer and I have posted them here...!!

You can STILL submit questions at the original post:
Q&A with LOST Writer: Questions

Here is the link to the first set of answers:
Q&A with LOST Writer: Answers Part 1

NOTE: There are some MINOR SPOILERS but I will still use Invisio for those that hate spoilers. If you think I missed a spoiler I apologize in advance and please let me know and I can fix it. If something seems like it is missing then highlight that area.

Answers Part 2:

21.Why is Hugo's nickname "Hurley"?

In his next flashback you'll get a clue why and who started calling him "Hurley"

22.How big was the Medusa spider that bit Christian Shepard?

Who said he was bitten by a spider?? He was reported to have died of a heart-failure or was he??

23.How long after the crash did it take for him to wake up and get out of his coffin?

If you want a answer if he is dead or alive then wait until later in Season 4 when it will be answered

24.Dear [writer],

I love writing, especially fiction. LOST is part of the reason that I still actively pursue a career in writing. Do you have any tips, suggestions, or advice for an aspiring writer?

Be determined, follow your heart, take your time in writing a story and have friends read a draft to get their reviews on the story

Once you decide you're ready to begin submitting to publishers or producers and If your story comes back with a rejection note, then don't take it personally. Some people are not that welcoming to new writers who don't have a background in books/movies/TV.

So don"t give up.

25. Do you personally know how Lost will end? You don't have to tell us if you don't want to, but it would be interesting to know if there is a set ending in place as of now.

Only some people really know how it will all end, sadly I'm not one of them (yet)

26. That is the best question. you can have a Dharma brand animal cracker. would you like a shark, dolphin, rabbit, or polar bear?

Ummmm Dolphin

27. I've got one. Are there any specific references within any of the scripts so far that might help us to understand the nature/origin of the whispers? In other words, when they happen on screen, how are they explained in the scripts?

28.I have been wondering what the whispers have to do with the Others and if all of the whispers we've heard throughout the series all come from the same place?

In other words, it wasn't at one time someone in the jungle just spying..and then another time it was the smoke monster?

The whispers are written as dialog, for example in the script it will say Male Voice in the distance saying - "108" but there are no origin details yet. We most likely will answer that later on

29.When is Eko coming back? THANKS

We wanted to bring Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje back to explain a storyline but due to his busy schedule it is unlikely he will return this season, but never say never in the LOST

30. Thank you so much this opportunity and for LOST!

How much of the series is "filler" versus that which is vital to the "who, what, where, when, how, and why" of the storyline?

About 1/3

31. Aside from the Orange Dharma logo, can you give some specific examples of "shout-outs" to the fans that occurred?

And while I'm on the subject of fan "shout-outs" ....Is there any chance you could incorporate a fuzzy purple hat appearance or get one of the main characters to exclaim "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"?

Thanks again!

Tons of shout outs to fans (especially theories) are seen in episodes from Hurley thinking the monster is a dinosaur to Juliet saying the runway is for The "Aliens"

As for the hat I can only see Charlie pulling that off and we know where he is

32.At any point during the first three seasons did you consider doing a flashback from Vincent's perspective?

No, we always joke about that but never have planned as a episode

33. Has the Smoke Monster ever appeared as Vincent?

I can't answer that but many of us call him "the dog of doom"

34.Why(or)is Ben's map different than Rousseau's map?

Its slightly different. Rousseau drew everything by memory while Ben had knowledge of the island

35.Have we seen the Crater and if so in what season/episode?

Not yet but it is seen in one of the maps

36.Where is true North as seen from a person on the beach (camp)?

Watch the episode "Hearts and Minds"

37.Were any of the Losties parents involved with the Dharma Initiative?

Good Question. There is no doubt that some of the parents are in some way connected with Dharma.

38.I have always wondered if there was any more significance to the mural on the hatch wall? Did we miss anything, besides the fact that someone in the hatch was going bananas?

The painting was done by Desmond, everything that is on the wall is something Desmond experienced or saw

39. Was the hatch mural intentionally painted to resemble (almost perfectly) the paintings in Claire's boyfriend's studio? If so, is this just a red herring or does this provide a clue?

The mural was painted by LOST producer and director Jack Bender, so in the LOST world who knows....umm maybe Thomas was famous after leaving Claire and Desmond was some how a fan or maybe they both just have the same style

40. Is one of the show's writers missing a toe?

**No Answer**

41.Question: In hindsight, do you feel any regret about having killed off some of the survivors/characters earlier on in Seasons 1 and 2? Namely Boone, Shannon, Ana-Lucia, Ethan and Goodwin. What are some of those regrets (if any)?

Boone & Shannon. I think they had many unanswered questions, but we knew that Boone was going to die earlier in the season and then Shannon as well (before we started Season 2 I think we said she was a goner). Due to lack of timing on the story arcs we couldn't say much on their past

42.If Damon and Carlton walked into the writers room and said "Ok guys, it's time to kill another character off." Who would you chose, and why?

I just can't kill another character....but if I had to and just for fun I would say Hurley or Sawyer just to see how the fans will react to some thing like that

--I say the fans would go crazy--

43.My question is, if any of the scenarios we see on the show came from your or any other writers life. I mean i don't think any of you guys were on an island and chased by a smoke monster....but the flashbacks...

Great Question! When writing stuff like a flashback, yes. I think we all at some point experience what they been through from trying to fix a relationship to running away from your past. I think as a writer to write the bad stuff that happens to you in a story is more believable, then some stuff that many writers just come up with

44.Is there a significance to why each person dies at the time they do and the way in which they die?

Yes and no (for both question). Take Boone for example, if Boone didn't die, Locke would not have broken down on top of the Hatch. Which also gave Desmond hope or Eko who some what guided Locke to the Flame station

When a person dies on the island we always try and make the character make amends with their sins (so to speak)

45. will we ever see The Twins (from season 1) again?

46. were they important people??

The twins have nothing to do with the mythology of the show whatsoever. As for see them again, who knows they might pop in again

47. Having lived on the Island so long, dose Ben have the same kind of foresight that Desmond has ? (Might explain how hes always One step ahead of everyone)


48. How Important is the continuity in Lost, should we be paying attention to it ? :)

Yes considering it gonna get bigger

49.Are shoes important? In the first scene in the pilot episode when we first see Jack get up in the jungle he passes by a tree that has a shoe hanging from it.

No clear reason for it being there, LOL but it I guess just stuff from the wreckage.

50.Also, when Jin and Eko are in the jungle and the others pass by they aren't wearing any shoes. What is the significance of the shoe?

The Others wanted to make the castaways seem like they were "savages" However, in Season 2, this proved to be part of an elaborate illusion as Kate found out.

51. Another question: Is this mysterious island that the survivors are on actually located in the South Pacific?

Yes, they landed on a remote island somewhere in the South Pacific

52.Awhile back we were told we'd get more of Libby's back story, but we had to wait for a new character to be introduced. My question is Naomi that character?

No, but you'll see Libby back in season 4 :)

53. Is there a bona fide concrete reason behind the redundant names & aliases (like Annie, Jason, Sarah) for some characters?

Some names are just given to flashback/minor characters, other times it just a coincidence but then again coincidence is such a prevailing theme and may be an important clue to the mysteries of the story sometime down the road.

54. Is Cerberus Jacob's guard dog? ;']

For the people who don't know, it was revealed by the great Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof that Cerberus is another name for The Monster

As for what it is protecting?? You will see what it is when it appears again. Here is a clue: Go back and watch every scene when the monster appears

55. Why are the black & white stones on "Adam & Eve" also present on the Penny & Desmond's house? Are they the same stones or just looked like it?

They are not the same stones

56.Do you sometimes read fan theories / discussions & get freaked out because they hit so close home?

I have not read too many fan theories since Season 1. Some are more plausible than others, but some are clearly out there

57. We know that Desmond was the reason that Oceanic 815 broke apart and crashed. But will we ever learn what caused it to go 1000 miles off course in the first place?

The two incidents had to be a couple hours apart, and the pilot talked about the transponder going out before they ever turned back toward Fiji.

Unless it is explained in a flash forward it is unlikely that it will be explain in detail how they were 1000 miles off course

58. Is it hard to keep continuity in terms of characters? in other words, one writer writes one episode, and then a different writer is writing the next one - is it hard to keep consistent with what the other writers have done before?

We tend to talk to one another about the "turning point of a event or character, the writers before or after us tend to "brainstorm" to let the others know how and what will happen to the character in the future

59. Do you write the flashbacks as a result of the on-island plot, or the on-island plot as a result of the flashbacks?

This is really cool!!

For me, it is the flashback first then what is happening on the island and how the FB can tie into what is happening on the island


Season One

60.We have heard repeatedly that the Pilot episode contains some kind of "big clue" to the show... Any help here?

I personally have always thought it was the "godfather" orange scene with Locke...*cough*...

If you are talking about what DL said about the fans never figuring out a clue in the pilot he answered it already. It is the part where CHARLIE states "Guys. Where are we?"

61. Ohh, ohh, (raises hand) I've got one! In season 1, someone says, "The beach is eroding, all of this will be underwater in a few days."

My question is: Was this just an excuse to remove the plane wreckage from the film set, or is there a more plot-related reason? Thanks,

Yes, it was an excuse to move the plane wreckage due to it being hard from moving from one place to other for the crew

62. Was duplicate question.

63. Why did Ethan overreact so much and end up nearly killing Charlie, seemed a bit extreme for his reason!

From a deleted part in the script: After Claire escaped, Ethan attempted to take her back on orders from Mr. Friendly to kidnap Claire and kill any survivors who get in the way

64. Do you still have a plan for the black and white rocks found in "house of rising sun" with the Adam and Eve corpses?

There is a plan yes but the better question is when or if we will use it later in this season??

65. Hello, dear LOST writer, I was wondering if the "look-alikes" on the boat commandeered by Tom when some of the Others kidnapped Walt were twins, clones or doppelgangers?

They are twin stunt men hired by the casting crew

66.I was also wondering what Sawyer meant when he said to Kate, "I made this birthday wish 4 years ago."?

That is a question for Christian Taylor because I have no clue LOL

67.A question that has bugging me since the end of Season 1 is why the ladder was broken in the hatch. And who broke it?

Unknown at this point


Desmond will speak on many things that happen to him after Kelvin died

End Spoiler

68. Here's a question that is not one of the BIG mysteries, but it's been bugging me for yearsss...

In "All the Best Cowboys Have Daddy Issues" (S1), Hurley makes a remark that "Back home, I'm known as something of a warrior myself."

Will we ever find out via a flashback, or any other way, what exactly Hurley meant ? At the time, some people thought perhaps he was a Sumo Warrior, or perhaps he plays Dungeons and Dragons or World of Warcraft (etc), and he's a powerful "warrior" in a game like that.

Not a HUGE mystery, but this line has never been resolved, and I think it would be cool to find out what he meant for sure !

Basically he said it to impress Walt (like Locke did in the episode)

69. Why did the Losties abandon the caves?

They abandoned once the hatch was opened but now we know that many of the minor characters on the show are going back to the caves for water since the Swan is now gone

70. In S1, E13 Locke and Boone are trying to open the hatch. Locke makes a statement about Michelangelo (or something like that...) and then Boone says, "We're not gonna stare at this thing for 4 months are we?" Was that an easter egg as to how long the Losties will be on the island?

No he was making a joke out of Locke comments about how Michelangelo created the statue of David.

Thats it for now, more soon... :)