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Episode 4x01: Charlie's They Need You Message

As many of you already know, that during Hurley's (Jorge Garcia) FF in Season 4 Episode 1 of LOST (The Beginning of the End), when he is in the interrogation room he has a vision of Charlie swimming up to the window and then pressing his hand against the glass to reveal a message. For most including myself on initial viewing it was hard to see, but after rewinding the scene it was clear Charlie's hand no longer read "Not Penny's Boat" and actually had a the words "They Need You".

Later in the episode and FF when Hurley was back at Santa Rosa, Charlie appears once again with a message and that message again is "They Need You".

So the question is WHO needs Hurley...!? Well the current assumption is that there are still survivors on the island and they need Hurley and need him to most likely be saved. Of course this is LOST and any time we assume something or think we know what we are talking about, it ends up being some thing completely different.

So what do you all think...!? Was the island sending a message to Hurley via Charlie, is it Charlie's spirit or is it just Hurley having a vision..!? Feel free to leave your comments and theories below.

Thanks for reading and namaste.