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Episode 4x02 Confirmed Dead - Miles Reversed Audio

Well in the LOST Season 4 Premiere the Whispers returned and now in episode 4x02 it seems like we have a return of reversed audio. The LOST producers have been known to drop in some reversed audio every now and then, but this time it was when Miles was speaking to Naomi. As we know Naomi is dead and Miles seems to be a Ghost Talker so is this his way of communicating with the dead??

Well if you listen carefully you can hear Miles say: "You gotta see it through."

Now this opens the door to a whole new realm of LOST and a whole new set of potential theories. What do you all think!?

Here is the audio clip and post from our good friend DarkUFO.

Do you want to know what Miles said to Naomi? Well, funny you should ask. The audio on the clip has been reversed, slowed down slightly, and cleaned up so that you can here what he says:

I heard, "You gotta see it through." What could this mean? And, what is he doing talking backwards?

Source: DarkUFO