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LOST S4 Episodes 8-13 to Return April at 10PM on Thrusdays!?

Wow with the strike ending we have had some really big shuffling and conflicting reports about the LOST schedule and what will be produced for Season 4.

This latest report claims that episode 8 will be added to the 5 new episodes and that LOST will air AFTER Grey's Anatomy moving LOST back to the 10PM slot...!?

I am not sure how you all feel about all this, yes I am thankful that we are getting more episodes and writer's strikes do not happen all the time, but WTF...please pick one thing and just confirm what it is.

I know ABC is trying to maximize their revenues on Thursday nights, but changing the LOST time slot again back to 10PM will definitely affect the ratings.

Well here are the details and we will keep you all up to speed as soon as any thing else is reported.

NOTE: In other reports the 3 "LOST" S4 episodes will be added into the final two seasons some where.

Thanks to TSH for the heads up.

The writers' strike may end up being the best thing that ever happened to Lost.

ABC is said to be finalizing a post-strike spring schedule that not only hands Lost its best available time slot, but promises to further strengthen the network's stronghold on Thursday night.

According to multiple sources, ABC plans on airing this season's final five* Lost episodes on Thursdays at 10 pm/ET beginning in late April, where it will follow all-new episodes of Grey's freakin' Anatomy! Throw in fresh installments of Ugly Betty at 8 pm and you've got yourself the most formidable one-two-three punch since the early days of CBS' Survivor/CSI/Without a Trace smashup. Creatively speaking, I'd go so far as to say this rivals NBC's storied Must-See-TV juggernaut back in the '90s.

And I haven't even gotten to the best part.

The best part is that I'm hearing that ABC is strongly considering keeping this dream lineup intact this fall... and beyond.

I don't know about you, but this almost makes up for ABC's mishandling of [insert any number of show titles here].

* This just in: I'm now hearing that Lost's final arc may consist of six episodes, not five. No, Team Darlton isn't making an extra episode this season. Rather, the final installment of the current run (aka Episode 8) will likely be held to kick off the final batch of five. According to my spies, Episode 7 makes for a better, more logical, break. Discuss....

Source: TV Guide