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ODI LOST Podcast 3 -- 4x02 Recap and 4x03 Preview

Hey Losties,
How are you all doing this week!?

Before I continue, I have received a few messages this week about how you can keep up to date or get alerted when a new Podcast is posted. Well the easiest thing you can do is subscribe to the blog by either entering your email in the form in the sidebar or by clicking on the subscribe button located in the sidebar as well. You can then set up alerts accordingly. Also, I am working on getting the Podcast on iTunes and we will keep you all posted.

Well during last week's episode of LOST we were introduced to the Freighter People via a multi-centric Flashback episode. The episode had several elements and plenty of new information from the beginning to the end of the episode including the reveal that the wreckage of Flight 815 supposedly was found off-island to Ben's claim of having a "man on their boat."

We discuss all the details of the episode and also provide you with a preview Episode 4x03 that airs this week with some spoilers. Once again this podcast is a little longer than I expected it was going to be, but there was just TOO much information to cover again.

There are 7 clips that are all about 9 minutes each and they are in new flash player. We hope you like the new player and if any of you are having trouble with the new player, please let us know. Also, there are download links below the player for those of you that want to download the individual clips and put them on your iPod or MP3 player.

NOTE: The spoilers are in clip 7 and we give plenty of warning.

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