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Rebecca Mader (Charlotte) Interview on Shannon Burke Radio Show

NOTE: Some very MINOR Spoilers for Episode 4x06

Hey All,
Once again thanks for all your questions...!!

Our good friends Kevin and Cabin over at the Shannon Burke Radio Show (same show I had my interviews on) have weekly LOST podcasts as well.

This morning they had an interview with LOST's Rebecca Mader (Charlotte)and they did indeed use several of the fan questions that were sent in.

I hope your question was answered and you enjoy it. BTW one my questions was "Are You Single?" and she answered yes. :)

Thanks to DarkUFO for posting the audio in a player.

Direct Link For Audio:

Rebecca Mader Interview on the Shannon Burke Show

Thanks to PeeWee for the Transcript:

* She was fan before she went onto the show

* Charlotte more or less knew about the dig in her flashback, and about the polar bear.

* She hasn't signed on to a number of episodes.

* She says the practical jokers on the set are Kate, Claire and Sawyer.

* She doesn't know if she is getting any flashback or flashforwards in the future

* She says next week's episode is going to be better than this week and that she is going to be in next week's episode.

* Next episode they share some scenes (Juliet)

* Locke's her favorite character in the show. She loves his storyline.

* She says Ben (Micheal Emerson) is a funny guy.

* If she had it her way, she would want Charlotte to be good guy

* The scene with Daniel and the cards, Charlotte was testing him, but she can't say what she was testing...