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Episode 4x08 - Answers...Ummm Not Yet!?

Well you just watched Season 4 Episode 8 of LOST, Meet Kevin Johnson a Michael (Harrold Perrineau) Centric episode which featured flashbacks of Michael post-island in NY and then getting convinced by Tom to board the freighter to help Ben and the rest of the Losties.

Is this just another ploy by Ben or is he really trying to in some weird way also help the Losties while trying to benefit himself...!?

Everyone that we have seen leave the island except for Tom and Richard, seem to be in terrible shape...!! What is going on!? Michael wanted to kill himself out of guilt but the island won't let him...!? Why...!? Is it because of this redemption theory...!? Is it really all about fate and karma...!?

Were Michael's visions of Libby just in his head or was the ghost of Libby really haunting him....!? Are Karl and Rousseau really dead and who freaking killed them...!?!?

Will we be getting answers any time soon...!?

We will now have to wait on pins and needles for 5 weeks just to get 5 more episodes of this great show in order to perhaps finally see how the Oceanic 6 left the island. But what is the Smoke Monster...!?

LOST returns April 24th at 10PM with episode 4x09, but don't worry Team ODI is not going any where and we will stay right here through out the whole hiatus keeping you up to speed with any breaking news.

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