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Episode 4x08 - Official ABC LOST Podcast

Hey All,
So LOST producers Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse are back with this week's official ABC LOST podcast and they confirm a few things from the first 8 episodes of this season including reviewing Episode 4x08 Meet Kevin Johnson and then provide us with some spoilers and what to expect over the rest of Season 4.

We have posted the audio with FULL transcript in the spoilers section of the site, so for those of you that do not mind spoilers here is the link to the audio:

Episode 4x08 - Official LOST ABC Podcast

Now for those of you that do not like spoilers, here are the Spoiler-Free porions of the podcast:

NOTE: Many of these are confirmations so if you feel something being clarified or confirmed is a spoiler then do not read.

1) They confirmed that the Oceanic Six are Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, Sun, and Aaron. Also, said that they are NOT trying to trick us, but wanted the secret of Jin's Tombstone and the Hybrid FB/FF to be a big surprise.

2) They were happy to have M.C. Gainey (Tom) back on the show and wanted to clarify that Tom (Mr. Friendly) is indeed gay after alluding to it in the Season 3 premiere when Tom says he is "not Kate's type".

3) Question about of Desmond/Minkowski having "side effects" and why Desmond did not feel effects when he left the island on they mention that it depends that if you are inside a specific "realm" of the island to be affected by it.

4) What is up with Miles and the grenade? Is he dead? - Already answered from the episode, that he is ok.

5)They explain the appearance of certain paranormal events and what they are:
Ben's mother = Apparition
Sawyer's Boar = Animal
Spider = Monster
Hurley bird = No Comment
Dave = Apparation/imagination
Yemi = Monster
Mikail' Cat Nadia = Animal
Walt = Some have been apparition, some have been monster
Boone in Locke's Dream = Dream
Jack = Apparition and then they laugh.
Kate's Horse and Christian Shepard = Undead (Small Joke)

6) "Lapidus" name in Expose script that Hurley read is just a name that one of the LOST writers is fond of. No connection to Frank.

7) What is the significance of the name Kevin Johnson? No significance and the Others chose the most innocuous and bland name they could so as not to raise suspicion and raise attention to Michael's alias.

8) Secret code name for the finale twist "The Frozen Donkey Wheel" and they say that they are not joking but are laughing at the same time.