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What is the Best Episode of Season 4 so far??

Hey Losties,
I know we are only 8 episode into season 4 of LOST and we still have 5 more to go starting April 24th, but I thought we should take this opportunity to really see how fans acrross the world felt about these first set of episodes in season 4.

Now I know most of us have the Desmond Centric "flash" episode The Constant some where on our Best of All-Time lists and it was most likely the best episode so far. However, this season has been filled with some great moments all around, so besides The Constant which episode was the best?

Here is a little review of each episode followed by the poll:

The Beginning of the End (Hurley FF) - Which showed us Hurley talking with a "Dead but Here" Charlie and gave us the mystery of who were the "Oceanic 6"??

Confirmed Dead (Freighter People Multi-Centric FB) - This episode provided us with a little back story for each of the "boaties" while learning that they were sent by the mysterious Abbadon.

The Economist (Sayid FF) - This one was one of my favorite episodes this season and it gave us a whole new look at Sayid as a Hitman for Ben post-island!! Plus, we get our first confirmation that time off and on island do not match up.

Eggtown (Kate FF) - Not too many fans cared for Kate's trial. However, the big reveal that she had a son and that it was Claire's baby, Aaron, is one of the biggest shocks of the season.

The Other Woman (Juliet FB) - One of the most hated episodes in a long time had some interesting reveals. The Juliet episode gave us more of an insight on Ben and his obsession with Juliet than Juliet's past, but we ALSO learn Ben sent Goodwin to get killed, that Widmore is behind the freighter and that the Tempest hatch powers the island.

Ji Yeon (Sun/Jin FF/FB) - The actual off-island FF/FB revealed very little info until the ending shocker that there is a tombstone for Jin, opening a huge debate among fans, whether Jin was alive or not and confirming that Aaron was indeed a member of the Oceanic 6. Also,how can we forget the NOT so shocking return of Michael as Kevin Johnson.

Meet Kevin Johnson (Michael FB) - This was a unique episode with practically the whole episode taking place off-island and during Michael's back story. We learned that Ben sent Tom to recruit Michael and Tom finds Michael off-island in NYC trying to kill himself out of guilt!? In a crazy twist the episode and first part of the season ends with BOTH Karl and Danielle getting shot!!

So what do you think was the best episode?? Voice your opinions below and vote!!