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Episode 4x08 Meet Kevin Johnson - Recap Videos

Hey Losties,
Hope you all had a nice holiday weekend!? Well it has been a few days since last week's episode of LOST (4x08) Meet Kevin Johnson a Michael (Harrold Perrineau) Centric flashback, that provided us with some history on what happened to him after he left the island. Also, the episode ended with a shocking twist with Karl and Danielle Rousseau getting shot with Alex stuck in the crossfire.

Well here are the weekly recap videos, this week we get 3 clips with the first clip focusing on the on-island/freighter scenes, the second clip focusing on the off-island scenes during Michael's Flashback and the third clip is the complete shocking end to the episode and first part of Season 4.

Enjoy and namaste.

Thanks to Sawyer840 for the clips.