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Questions needed for Mia Furlan Interview

Hey Losties,
Our good friend DarkUFO along with a USC Talk Show are gathering together questions from fans for an interview with Mia Furlan who plays Danielle Rousseau on LOST.

Of course the last we saw of Rousseau was her being shot in last week's episode Meet Kevin Johnson.

So if you are interested in possibly having your question answered by Mia Furlan check out the details below and head over to Dark's site via the link below.

NOTE: For you spoiler haters this link is in Dark's Spoiler-Free area so feel free to visit.

Thanks to Nick Rizzo the producer of college talk show from the University of Southern California for allowing DarkUFO readers to submit questions to Mira Furlan who they will interview on Thursday April 3. After they have performed the interview we hope to get a nice exclusive look the the interview and also maybe a clip from the upcoming new episode but no promises :)

So leave your questions below and hopefully you may get lucky and get your question answered.

Post Your Questions Here: DarkUFO